About the Backstage

We love what we do.

There are many stories behind the products we bring to you, and we are eager to share them. Through these stories, we bring our products to life, making them more than just items.

That's why we've opened this backstage blog: to document the highlights that don’t appear on the storefront. Here, you’ll find a mix of fun, hard work, and occasional challenges (though it’s predominantly fun). We aim to maintain a casual vibe, and you might even discover some secrets not shared on our public channels.

In order to preserve the "backstage" feel, we won’t be actively promoting the content from this site. The best way to stay updated and in the loop is to subscribe using the site’s built-in functionality. If you have stories you'd like us to publish on this site, feel free to send us an email at contact@pawprint.press.

We hope you enjoy your visit as much as we enjoy our creative journey.

Pawprint Press