Finally, the Isuzu

Finally, we've got the Isuzu we've been dreaming of. Though in colder temperatures...

Finally, the Isuzu
Carrier for the carrier.

Enterprise Truck ran out of their regular 16' Isuzu again. Instead of giving us a big International, they gave us a refrigerated version.

Of course, it has to be in Pawprint color.

We intended to rent a pallet jack from Home Depot, but upon our arrival, we were informed that theirs was broken. With time running out, we had to purchase one from Harbor Freight. Not a bad deal since we will have many opportunities to use it in the future.

Lovely sight from inside a cab-over.
Almost too small...

It also offers a slightly narrower interior width of 8', which perfectly matches the combined width of two pallets. Fortunately, we managed to make it work. If you have an Amicus kigu pre-order, you can expect it to be dispatched within just 1-2 days.

This shipment also includes another new product. Stay tuned.