Goodbye, Bay Area

We moved the last bit of inventory to our new location in LA. This marks the closure of our Santa Clara warehouse.

Goodbye, Bay Area
California State Route 152, the shortcut to I-5 from the South Bay Area.

The truck we used this time is a 12' Budget moving truck based on a GMC Savana chassis. 4.3 V6 with an 8-speed transmission. Surprisingly, it also has an electronic speed limit of 75 mph.

The backup camera is a nice feature.

We used the same truck on the second day to collect another sea freight shipment from the port, primarily for the upcoming MFF. We were initially worried about the usable width since the truck has its wheel arches inside the box. Luckily, we still fit in the pallets.

Our small truck is surrounded by large semis at the busy port warehouse.
It's difficult to take a photo of the mileage.
This video tells the reason.